Friday, 30 October 2009

Word of the day

Here is word very special to me: not only do I love its meaning, but it has no equivalent in French. My inability to express as easily such an interesting concept in my mother thong gives it a charming aura of preciousness.

But enough said, there it is:

 I was travelling when I first encountered this word and it strongly attracted me. Its rhythm amused me and I tried to imagine what its meaning could be. I promessed myself to find the signification of such a musical word when I would be home, but I soon forgot. Yesterday night, I was reading when the mysterious word appeared once more, and this time there was no reason to prolong further my ignorance.

Wikipedia says it can be traduced by the expression "Heureux hasard" (fortunate chance), while my Harrap's french-english dictionnary says that it means "le don de faire des trouvailles", which I may traduce more or less correctly by "the gift of making lucky finds".  Is it not an essential gift for an artist?     

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