Thursday, 26 November 2009


A few days ago, I discovered the work of photographer Robert Polidori, famous (as well as criticised) for his picture of New Orleans taken in the aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina.  They are part of his "After the flood" series.


It is horrible to think that beautiful pictures like these are linked with such a tragic event: this combination seems almost abnormal. In my naive mind, beauty should always be surrounded by a halo outshining sadness. But reality is quite different, and I have to admit that even catastrophes can generate beauty.    

Robert Polidori is also well-known for his pictures taken in Chernobyl, in Cuba and in Versailles.


  1. truly tragic, horrible and sadly beautiful...
    i am drawn to the last photo of the outside of the house, and the separation of space between them - such a narrow area split with a brick wall and two of the skinniest fences i've ever seen! these people took their space seriously...

  2. i also would like to know- these are all at the same house? it's a gorgeous home (the top bedroom and kitchen), but too small to fit into the bottom house?