Friday, 13 November 2009

Guilty pleasure of the week

I must admit, even at the risk of becoming an object of shame to many of my fellow artists: I find Lady Gaga's new video fascinating. I love the moving ray of light right at the beguinning, the mouvment of her fingers while she is in the bath, the simple white luxury that surrounds her... and the ending, of course, appeals to the Tim Burton fan I am. Most of all, I admire her audacity, which is something I fear I lack. But this time, I assume perfectly my frivolous liking of this produce of pop: is not this place, after all, the shelter of my frivolity?


  1. You know, I think it's ok to not go as far as she does in terms of audacity... ;)
    But I have to admit that I kinda like this video, and the song a little bit as well!

  2. If you insist, I shall not come asking for a cup of sugar in an outfit such as hers ;)