Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Artist's Studio

An artist's studio is a shelter where one retreats from the surrounding world of realities to enter an intangible, imaginary one. And this you do at your own risks... If you are successful in entering your own imagination, you never know what you are going to find, how you will change or the way people will look at yourself and at your work afterwards. But the danger lying in the creation process is an indissociable part of the experience, and the studio is the laboratory where it all happens. 

This is why images of other artists' studios are most intriguing to me: it is as if they held the keys opening a few doors of the mystery surrounding an artist. Here are some of my favourite artistes' studios.

Salvador Dali's Studio... seems a little bit too normal, no?

For many other artists' sudios, including Jackson Pollock's, Andy Warhol's and Claude Monet's, I invite you to visit MadTeaParty.

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