Monday, 25 January 2010

Tracks and Traces

A few days ago, treasure huting on the blog Artodyssey, my imagination, flighty butterfly, has a been caught by one of Sol Halabi's paintings...

Sol Halabi, ? 

Intrigued, I could not rest until I had found who this painter was and if the rest of his work was as intriguing as this artpiece.  Argentinian painter born in 1977, she says "When I work with something wrong I cover it or do without parts of it and then I like the remnants. Instead of throwing the work away I remove or I paint over it again and what lies beneath usually comes to the surface and I like this because it’s like working with tracks or traces".  

 Sol Halabi, Noche

 Sol Halabi, El descubriento

Sol Halabi, Donna con Corno

Sol Halabi,  El mago

Sol Halabi, Primavera otra vez

To learn more about Sol Halabi and many other contemporary painters, I invite you to visit Artodyssey.

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