Thursday, 18 February 2010

Almost Lost in Weightlessness

Representing the instability that is now our world, Amy Casey's paintings suggest a reflection on the loss of solid ground, of horizon and of invariance. But as the building float in apparent nothingness, the strong bond that link them together becomes their anchoring.

Amy Casey, Big Cities, Small Towns, 41 x 54, 2009

Amy Casey, Drifting, 22 x 30, 2008

 Amy Casey, Electralize, 22 x 30, 2008

Amy Casey, Swing, 2008

  Amy Casey, Wired, acrylic on panel, 12 x 12, 2009

 Amy Casey, Keeping it together, 36 x 50, 2009

 Amy Casey,  An Abundance of Caution, 13 x 24, 2008

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