Friday, 26 February 2010

Dreaming about Spring

It has now been two days that Québec city suffers the assaults of the wind and the snow. After the beautiful warm sunny days we had in the past two weeks, it seems winter now tries to claim its rights.  But I now that it is useless, it will be ending soon.

Spring in Quebec is one of my favourite moments of the year: after months of hibernation, people emerge from their homes, leaving behind their heavy clothes to collectively enjoy the first warm sunshines in the streets. Spirits are lifted as flowers and leaves grow and flirting is in the air...

Somewhere in the Old Québec, on a street not so much frequented by tourists, their is an house built around a twisted tree.  With its two entrances overshadowed by the tree, the round stairs and the high brick walls, it seems the perfect setting for a Victorian mystery. 

I have taken these pictures some years ago, when I discovered this tree and house while I was wandering in the city, tasting the kiss of the sun on my skin. 


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