Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ephemeral Youth

Vincent Bakkum is a painter and illustrator from Holland currently living in Finland. Using the ephemeral beauty of women as a symbol of death and decay, he says he enhances this idea by the cohabitation of beautiful young women with stuffed birds and fruits. However, these modern vanities are enlighten by bright colours and an obvious Asiatic inspiration. 


 Vincent Bakkum, Dead bird and white flowers, 69 x 90, 2009

 Vincent Bakkum, Tone-deaf North Mongolian Moth-snatchers, 80 x 80, 2008

 Vincent Bakkum, Altinaï, 150 x 150, 2008

Some informations about the artworks are still missing: if you can provide the information, please contact me and it will be a pleasure to add it.

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