Thursday, 25 March 2010

I Dreamt of a Bird...

Yesterday night, I dreamt I had received a miniature blue bird, so small it was nesting in a vintage matchbox. I was taking much care of her, but after some commotion I don't remember clearly, someone accidentally hurt my precious bird. My father, my sister and I tried to heal her, putting her all wrapped up in bandages in its tiny matchbox, sitting up with her while she was getting better.  But after some time, when we had started to think she would recover, my sister announced me that it had died in its sleep, and I spend a great portion of my dream crying and mourning my little bird. When I finally woke up, I was still saddened by her loss and I thought about it all day...

In the mist of my reflections about my  dream, I remembered some birds I saw last summer while I was traveling with my family.  With their hand-painted details, their vintage ornaments and their uniqueness, these sculptures do have much charm... 

Gladiator Bird, Lady Raven

Gladiator Bird, Quail

Gladiator Bird, Raven

Gladiator Bird, Towhee on Ball

I found pictures of the sculptures on Anthropologies.

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