Monday, 22 March 2010

Vanities and Butterflies

Taking part in the renewal of figurative art, Philippe Pasqua is a versatile French artist using paintings, sculptures, objects, drawings and 3D pieces to translate his vision of the world.

Provocative, shattering and intense, his paintings tackle subjects such as sexchanges and trisomia. I must admit I have been quite shaken some of these paintings, feeling that a brutal reality was somehow aggressively imposed upon me. Of course, these feelings are by no means diminishing the value of his artpieces: they are a strong caracteristic of his artworks and a part of the artistic experience he proposes.

On a lighter note, Philippe Pasqua also presents scuptures inspired by vanities. Traditionnaly, a vanity is a recalling of the evanescence of life incorporated in paintings in the form of a crane. Covered by butterflies, Pasqua's cranes may seem to leave some of their darkness behind, but in spite of their grace and beauty, the fickling butterflies are also reminding us of our own fragility.

I invite you to visit the it is quite an experience,  I have rarely seen such a professional artiste's site. With its animations, its music and its interactivity is almost a piece of art in itself. During your visit, don't be scared to move your cursor around, many moving icones will be appearing.

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