Wednesday, 3 March 2010

White Stripes (or are they black stripes?)

I have many enigmatic dreams every night.  Yesterday, I dreamt about an extravagant parade in which everybody was accompanied by an animal. In the middle of this procession was a strange but beautiful carriage pulled by two huge, athletic slim dogs. In the cushioned opened car was curled up a dying Christian Dior, minuscule and feeble. To my great surprise, the old man was presented to me has my husband's grand-father...

And then I woke up, these bizarre visions melting slowly in front of reality.  I think those dreams are like my work, a collage of images that stimulated my imagination, only these are the result of an uncensored mind. The seeing of a huge dog two days ago, the constant publicity about an exhibition of Dior's dresses and family matters were all joined by my favourite night bird, my overly active subconscious. 

Of course, this is my interpretation of this strange dream, but if you can find some signification, some hints about my past, present or future in this creation of my mind, I would be delighted to hear about it.

This dream made me think about some images I have collected a long time ago, so long indeed I can not remember where they are from.  If you recognize one of those as your own, just tell me and I will give you the credit.






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