Monday, 31 May 2010

Colorful repetion

In her paintings, Misato Suzuki repeats patterns, creating undulations, ruptures and transformations. Mixing beautiful textures and colour combinations with identifiable elements, she finds the balance between abstraction and representation. The repetition of small geometrical shapes in her paintings remind me of some Gustav Klimt paintings...

 Misato Suzuki, "Rain Drops",  2005, 48" x 60", acrylic on canvas 

Misato Suzuki, "Pigeon", 2002, 54" x 47", oil and acrylic on canvas

 Misato Suzuki, "Golden Sunshine", 2007, 48" x 36 ", acrylic on canvas

 Misato Suzuki, "Glimmer", 2010, 48" x 36", acrylic on canvas 

Misato Suzuki, "ggh", 2005, 18" x 20", acrylic and ink on panel

 Misato Suzuki, "Parade on the Snowy Day", 2010, 48" x 36", acrylic on canvas

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Well-dressed Walls

I love the unexpected patterns of Turner Pocock's wallpaper! And their association with vintage, luxurious or worn-out pieces make them even more interesting, moderating the kitsch effect of the wallpapers.  

Thanks to Decor8 for the discovery!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I just love Jay-Z's video "On to the Next One": so many flowing images in an harmony of black, white and gray!

Friday, 7 May 2010

In the Air

Cai Guo-Qiang is an amazing Chinese artist who creates overwhelming pieces using different materials.  From his drawings made with gunpowder to his well-planned explosions, from his huge installations to his performances, he impresses me with the strength of his creations. 

Cai Guo-Qiang, Head On, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, 2009 

Cai Guo-Qiang, Inopportune: Stage One
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, 2009

Cai Guo-Qiang, Inopportune: Stage Two
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, 2009

For more informations, I invite you to visit his very complete and interesting website.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Here are some photographies by Julie Blackmon: involving children, they are playing with the usual and the unexpected, whether they are dark or bright. I particularly like the first one...

Julie Blackmon, American Gothic, 2008

Julie Blackmon, Take Off, 2009

Julie Blackmon, Candies, 2007

 Julie Blackmon, Vintage Wallpaper, 2007

 Julie Blackmon, Attic, 2009

Julie Blackmon, Lost Mitten, 2010 

Julie Blackmon, Cherry, 2006

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I really like those gorgeous paper flowers by Martha Stewart!  But just like real flowers, there beauty seems quite ephemeral: with paper so light, I am afraid it will not take much sunshine to discolour them and make them look faded... 

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

La Vie en Rose

For many weeks, I have been counting the days that separated me from today and I thought it would never come. But finally it did, and when I woke this morning I could hardly believe we were May the 4th. For this morning I had a new meeting with my baby, and had the chance to see a healthy, wonderful little... girl!

Since then, as Edith Piaf sang, I see la vie en rose! I can not wait to meet my daughter for real, in mid-September...