Sunday, 11 December 2011

I May Forget my Age, but not my Birthday

Considering my age to be a number unworthy of attention, I do have trouble remembering it, having to calculate it from my year of birth each time it is asked. Though this strange amnesia often attracts puzzled looks, it also has many positive aspects: among them, I do not feel I have to live by the standards imposed by society to certain age groups and it considerably lessen the feeling of getting older. But even without numbers, birthdays are still coming...

This is the cake I would have to my approaching birthday if I had money to spend on a pure frivolity: inspired by a Ray Caesar painting, it is the work of Dante Nuno (Fire and Icing). 

For comparison, here is the original artwork: 

Ray Caesar (I have not yet found any information about this piece, 
if you have some, feel free to contact me and it will be a pleasure to add it)

Thanks to Superpunch for this sweet discovery!

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