Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Marvelous machines

Of all desserts, I love my mother's apple crumble (you can see my interpretation of this recipe here). If left alone with this divine dish, I may devour it completely in less time then it takes to peel all the apples. To me, taking some time to prepare the fruits is a mental process enhancing the anticipation and the tasting of the crumble, so until recently, I did not know there was a device such as an apple peeler. If I would not use a modern version, I must admit I love the looks of the vintage ones, with their intertwined gears and their beautiful ironwork... 

Apple peeler
Sinclair Scoot apple peeler

Goodell apple peeler

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  1. Very nice! Sinclair Scott .Im restoring one now.Im trying to find out the original color.Theres not much I can find on that.Some say dark burgundy some say red or blue enamel, not sure if thats dark blue or light blue any Ideas on that?