Friday, 11 November 2011

Pain and inertia

First I fell in love with the song, then with the video. Adele's Rolling in the Deep as been playing in my studio for weeks now, and still I am not tired of hearing it, even less of seeing its visual version.

Surrounded by plastic sheets suggesting suffocation, in a vast but almost empty room, the singer is seated throughout the whole video, while the camera going forward and backward enhances the feeling of an emotional inertia. Embedded between these sequences are so many of evocations of a persistent pain: the endlessly broken porcelain, the propagation of tremors in thousands of glasses, the burning buildings...

And those who know me a little more will smile when I say, once more, how sensitive I am to a great use of white in a piece of art...

Rolling In The Deep-Adele on Vimeo.

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