Monday, 5 December 2011

Warming Up the Space

This is an ingenious manner to create a space that one can redefine depending on specific needs or mood. In one of my favorite cities, Firenze, this loft is situated in an ancient carpentry workshop and as been transformed into a living space by the architect Alessandro Capellaro. To separated the different areas, he used about 300 wooden crates found in a flee market, using these not only as partitions, but also as storing place. These half-walls allowed him to preserve brightness and the beauty of the vaulted ceilings, while adding warmth to a pure white and stone decor.  If I must admit that with its volumes and shapes, the space already had a lot of potential, the result proves that a great space is not always a matter of money, it can also be transformed by a simple and well developed idea.

Thanks to Marie-Claire Maison for this discovery!

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