Welcome to Sublime Frivolité!

My name is Andréanne and I hope you will enjoy your stay in my world of sublime frivolity. Since I am francophone, let me first beg you pardon for all the mistakes I will most certainly make.

When I was very young, I thought being a fairy would be my future profession. Time passed, and becoming an artist seemed a perfect way to achieve my wish of infinite creativity. Everything appeared possible to those who invested themselves in Art, a world that I believed to have no boundaries other than those of your own imagination. 

But as I made my way to become a professional artist, I experienced a profound disillusion: artists, very often, are not as free as they seem. In their recent quest to prove the value of art by a differentiation from other creative activities, artists have become afraid of references to illustration, design and fashion, among others. By wanting to take a step back from society to find their own way, many artists isolate themselves from what they consider to be insignificant forms of creativity. Superficial, basely popular and frivolous I have heard branded these. 

I have had enough of this seriousness in the art community I know. I'm weary of this lack of liberty and I claim the right to love beauty and creativity in all its forms. Of course, Sublime frivolité has by no mean the pretension to revolutionize the world of art. It is only a refuge to shamelessly enjoy and to humbly share the sources of inspiration enriching my creativity.

If you feel sublimely frivolous, it would be a pleasure to receive your constructive comments and suggestions.